Dutch 2nd only to Sweden in English ability

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The Netherlands has finished second for second year in a row in their proficiency of the English language, only to be out performed by Sweden. The fifth edition of the Education First English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) ranked 70 territories and countries on results from around 910,000 adults who took online English tests in 2014.

The survey has revealed that the gap between the highest and the lowest proficiency countries has widened. Women across the globe speak better English than men, the survey further revealed.

France lay at the bottom of European countries, as they were rated with the lowest English proficiency in Europe. Asia, the most populous region, was shown to have a high level of English skill diversity.

NU reported the EF saying that Turkey is on the right track because the English teachers in that country are highly qualified. Western Europe has been seen to be doing better than their compatriots in the Eastern part of Europe, while Libya closes off the rankings in 70th position.