Dangerous fingerpaint kits raise child safety alarms

Fingerpaint (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ingvar Kjøllesdal). (Fingerpaint (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ingvar Kjøllesdal))

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) recently investigated a number of fingerpaint kits and brands and found that half of them do not meet the safety requirements. The Authority urges parents to go through their list to make sure their kids' fingerpaint is safe.

The NVWA examined 29 different figerpaint products. Five of these did not meet the chemical requirements, mostly containing high concentrations of substances that can make children susceptible to allergies. 11 products' labels had important information missing, such as no warnings about preservatives that children with allergies could be sensitive to.

The NVWA found serious safety risks in two products. In A'Color-0qlu the banned preservative BIT was found. This could cause children to develop allergies. The NVWA banned the sale of this product.

Bruynzeel-Nijntje fingerpaint was found to discover carcinogenic substance NDELA as well as more than the allowed amount of preservatives CMI and MI. The NVWA has banned the sale of this product and has demanded a public warning.

The full list of fingerpaint products investigated can be seen here.