Fmr. top justice officials must testify in child sex abuse case

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The Amsterdam court has called on former Security and Justice officials Ivo Opstelten, Fred Teeven and Joris Demmink to testify in a child sex abuse case from the 80's and 90's. This case involves ex-prostitute Bart van Wells, who says that he was abused by Demmink when he was 15 years old, BNR reports.

"In the 80's Van Well as an underage boy ended up in a network of child pornography and prostitution. The police were informed of these networks, but they did nothing about it", Martin de Witte, Van Well's lawyer, said to the broadcaster.

According to the lawyer, the police found out in 1997 that six government employees were involved in child prostitution, but the case "disappeared under the carpet".

"Teeven was a prosecutor then. Later Opstelten said as minister that Demmink was not a suspect in those days", De Witte said. "The prosecutor's case file shows that Demmink was indeed one of the six suspects."

Former Security and Justice Secretary General Joris Demmink has been the subject of a number of child sex abuse cases, mostly involving young boys.