Green party leader's cars torched as asylum debate heats up

British Embassy fire in The Hague - 2015
The fire department arrived within three minutes to fight the fire at the British Embassy to the Netherlands. April 21, 2015 (Photo: Arjan Dekker)Fire brigade (Photo: Arjan Dekker)

Two cars went up in flames in Oostknollendam, Noord-Holland on Monday night. Both cars belonged to Harold Halewijn, chairman of the GroenLinks faction in the Wormerland municipal council. As the cars were not parked right next to each other, it is very likely that arson was involved, broadcaster NOS reports.

The municipality of Womerland, to which Oostknollendam belongs, is meeting with local residents on Tuesday night to discuss an asylum center in an empty building across the street from Halewijn's house.

It is unclear whether the car fires are connected to this discussion.


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