Remains of 17th Century French soldier found in defensive stance

Skeleton of 17th century French soldier found in Nijmegen (Photo: Twitter/@gem_Nijmegen)Skeleton of 17th century French soldier found in Nijmegen (Photo: Twitter/@gem_Nijmegen)

The skeleton of what is believed to be a French soldier from the 17th or 18th century was found during excavation work for the Waal's secondary channel in Nijmegen. He was found with his equipment, standing in a defensive posture. 

This remarkable find will be on display for one time only in Nijmegen's archaeological depot on Wednesday, NU reports.

Archaeologists believe that the soldier died at the Siege of Nijmegen at Fort Knodsenburg in 1672. Five other skeletons were also found during the excavation.

Nijmegen will also display finds from the excavations in the Valkhofheuvel and the center of the city on Wednesday. More and more hitherto unknown walls from the Middle Ages or earlier are coming to the surface there.