Fake cops arrested in dozens of suspected scams

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Two men were arrested this week on suspicion of committing dozens of scams. According to the police, they posed as fake cops and ripped off more than 50 innocent victims. 

A total of 51 cases have been under investigation form reports gathered from Gelderland, Brabant, Zuid-Holland, Limburg, Drenthe and Noord-Holland.

The two smartly dressed men would tell their victims that they are from the police and that their house was on a burglary list. They then requested to check the victim’s safe where they would often find jewelry and money. Through distraction, the two men would leave with the valuables, the report on the police website stated.

Police have clarified that most of the incidents involved vulnerable victims, namely the aged, and has affected confidence in the police themselves.

The 41-year-old man form Belgium and a 51-year-old man form Arnhemmer are being interrogated by police. The police have also seized three cars that are believed to have been bought through criminal profits.