Housing prices jump 10 percent in Amsterdam; 3.5 pct. Nationwide

houe for sale/sold sign

The average price of existing homes has increased by 3.5 percent nationwide in the third quarter of this year when compared to the figures of the same period 2014. Amsterdam had the largest increase of 10 percent. 

This is evident from research presented by The Land Registry and Statistics Netherlands (CBS) into the price development of existing homes.

In September the four major cities in The Netherlands all experienced an increase in pricing higher than a year earlier: Utrecht up by 7.3 percent, Rotterdam and The Hague increased by 5.0.and 4.1 percent respectively, while Amsterdam saw the largest increase of 10.0 percent.

This is the largest price increase for existing homes since the financial collapse in April 2008. Home prices have shown an upward trend since June 2013. Compared to June 2013, prices were higher by around 6.6 percent in September, and when compared to the housing price peak August in 2008, prices are 16.3 percent lower.

Zeeland is the only province not to have an increase in existing home prices. Home prices reduced by 0.7 percent compared to a year earlier. The number of home sales in the province is also lower than in the rest of the Netherlands.

The proceeds charged by service providers for their assistance during the sale and acquisition of homes has also shown a steady increase for several consecutive quarters, having increased by 2.7 percent from a year earlier.


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