Challenging rush hour expected Friday night

The start of the autumn holidays in the northern and center parts of the country leads traffic service ANWB to expect a very busy rush hour on Dutch roads and surrounds on Friday. People going away can expect high volumes of traffic from around 13:00 on Friday, especially around tourist areas in the center and south of the country.

The ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club) has taken the precaution of warning about crowds of pedestrians and cyclists on hiking and biking trails throughout the country. There will also be a music festival in Amsterdam, Lego World exhibitions, Bedrijfauto RAI and the Zuidlaardermarkt in Zuidlaren.

Roads will be closed during the weekend: Rijkswaterstraat from 21:00 for maintenance, the A76 off Geleen towards Aachen between Ten Esschen and Simpelveld – which will re-open on Monday.

Main bottlenecks are the A1 Apeldoorn-Hengelo, A12 Utrecht-Arnhem, A28 Utrecht-Zwolle, and the A50 Apeldoorn-Arnhem-Eindhoven.

Germany and France are also expecting higher volumes of traffic congestion for the beginning of their Fall vacation, while Belgium only begin their Fall celebrations in the last weekend of October.