Verbal assault: MP's cautioned in asylum debate as Wilders abuse continues

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The parliamentary debate on asylum seekers in the Netherlands once again fell into chaos Wednesday afternoon. Party leaders flung insults back and forth, with PVV leader Geert Wilders simultaneously on the attack and receiving end of most remarks. It devolved to the point where Tweede Kamer president Anouchka van Miltenburg had to tell her colleagues not to curse each other out.

As in the previous debates touching on the refugee crisis, Wilders has once again managed to cause an uproar with his anti-Islam, anti-refugee statements. According to him, the parties VVD, PvdA and D66 have thrown the doors wide open to immigrants. "Come on in Ali, with your servant", is the message The Hague is sending, he said.

As in previous debates, Wilders' colleagues were having none of it. The debate devolved from there. Wilders called D66 leader Alexander Pechtold a "fat zero", according to RTL Nieuws. GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver called Wilders a "fake democrat". He offered to retract the statement, if Wilders will agree to retract his earlier statement that the Tweede Kamer is a "fraudulent parliament". Wilders obviously refused to do so.

The Telegraaf reports that Wilders visibly irritated all the other parties when he started reading emails from citizens expressing their concern about the influx of asylum seekers. This ranged from a woman who was approached by a refugee for sex and was called a whore when she refused, to someone on a scooter being intimidated by refugees.

As if on cue, Wilders colleagues took their turn to once again tell him that he is not offering any solutions to the problem.