Patients with high insurance deductibles avoid medical treatment

Nearly 20 percent of Dutch people say that they have delayed or avoided medical care in 2015 as they are afraid it will cost them too much cash out of pocket. Higher deductibles in in some insurance policies is the primary concern, according to a study conducted by TNS and commissioned by health insurer VGZ.

VGZ wanted the survey done amid concerns that clients were choosing lower monthly premiums in exchange for higher deductibles without fully considering that it could lead to the clientele waiting longer to see a doctor or be admitted into hospital, and possibly worsening the health-related situation.

The study show that policyholders also find the lowest deductible, 375 euro, too high and that an amount of around 210 euros is more acceptable.

From next year, the payments of any deductible may be divided into ten equal installments to lighten the financial burden.