Freed Dutch hostage plans quick return to Afghanistan

A refugee settlement in Afghanistan (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Fæ)A refugee settlement in Afghanistan (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Fæ)

Anja de Beer, the Dutch aid worker who was released on Thursday after spending 81 days as a hostage in Afghanistan, plans to go back to Afghanistan to return to her work as soon as she can manage it. Her abduction did not scare her away. "You known that this work entails risks".

De Beer said that to broadcaster NOS shortly after her release. "I'm first going to the Netherlands for a few days to see my family. But then I want to return to again get started with aid providing. I still have to discuss this with my employer, but I would like to continue with my work."

The rescue worker was working for the Afghan office of the Swiss aid organization Helvetas in Kabul when she was kidnapped in June. She spent last night at the Dutch embassy in Kabul. She told NOS that she especially enjoyed having breakfast in the sunshine this morning, after not seeing any natural light at all during her captivity.