Red Cross: Refugees most need bicycles, underwear and pyjamas

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Refugees in the Netherlands are currently most in need of bicycles, pajamas and underwear for men. There is currently no need for stuffed animals - a large amount has already been donated and it is difficult to wash them all properly.

The Red Cross made this announcement after opening a second so-called Welcome Shop for refugees in Tilburg, the Telegraaf reports. In Tilburg there is also need of warm clothes, toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap.

The first Welcome Shop was opened in Goes on Monday. The Red Cross also plans to soon open such locations in Roermond, Apeldoorn and Ter Apel, and ultimately near every refugee center in the Netherlands.

The Red Cross is asking for volunteers in the areas of Goes and Tilburg to help out. "In Goes we received so many items that we need people to unpack all the bags. We received stuffed animals, winter clothing, toys, shoes. All that has to e sorted. In Tilburg we have to distribute 1,200 aid packages to refugees", a spokesperson said.