Amsterdam car show AutoRAI 2017 cancelled as automakers back out

The Kia Motors stand at AutoRAI2015 in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@lisettevis)The Kia Motors stand at AutoRAI2015 in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@lisettevis)

The Amsterdam car show AutoRAI scheduled for 2017 has been cancelled. "It now appears there are too few brands willing to participate in order to organize the next edition of AutoRAI in 2017", the organizers write on the AutoRAI Amsterdam website.

According to the organizers, RAI Amsterdam and the RAI Vereniging have made "every effort" over recent years to keep AutoRAI alive. But despite intensive search for cost-effectiveness, innovative solutions and the successful edition in April this year, there is "unfortunately insufficient basis for continuity in the future".

"We find it extremely annoying for all those car lovers for who we could deliver a beautiful day twice a year. It is also a downer for our colleagues and business partners who have put hart and soul into AutoRAI."

Amsterdam RAI is now considering how to fill the space reserved for 2017 in an alternative way.