Police website back up after possible cyber attack

Police website (Picture: Screenshot/politie.nl). (Police website (Picture: Screenshot/politie.nl))

The police website was offline for hours on Sunday. The police believe that the most likely reason for the website's servers overloading is a large number of people trying to access a photo with a very high resolution on the site at the same time. Though they are not ruling out the possibility of a so-called DDoS attack.

At 3:47 p.m. on Sunday the Limburg police tweeted a link to the police site about a body that was found in a suitcase, asking the public's help to identify the victim. About an hour later, the website went offline. IT experts managed to get the site back online at around 9:30 p.m. "It was a big picture, many megabytes. The story was also viewed by thousands of people. We have reduced the size of the picture, and that seems to have worked", a police spokesperson said to the AD.

The police are still considering the possibility that the site may have fallen victim to a DDoS attack, a spokesperson for the police said to broadcaster NOS, adding that the exact cause should be clear within the next few days. The police website is often the target of such cyber attacks.

It was impossible to report crimes online during the disturbance. The emergency numbers 112 and 0900-8844 were still available as usual.