Motorcycle gang crackdown: 16 defendants in court today

Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome)Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome)

A total of 16 suspects will be appearing in court on Friday on charges of extortion, drug trafficking, money laundering, weapons possession and membership to a criminal organization. Many of these suspects are members of the Limburg chapter of motorcycle gang Bandidos.

All these defendants were arrested during a massive police action against the motorcycle gang in May. Among them is Harrie Ramakers, president of the Bandidos, as well as his son and right hand man.

According to broadcaster NOS, this is the first time that so many members of a motorcycle gang are appearing in court at the same time. If the court convicts the suspects for membership to a criminal organization, it may lead to the whole motorcycle club being banned.

There are currently 150 ongoing and completed investigations into organized crime committed by motorcycle gangs and their members. Since 2012 a total of 562 suspects have appeared in court.