Greenpeace: Shell is “bananas” in new Arctic drilling protest

A BlackBerry phone (Photo: Rpisarenko/Wikimedia Commons). (A BlackBerry phone (Photo: Rpisarenko/Wikimedia Commons))

Environmental activists Greenpeace placed a giant banana peel on the roof oil company Shell's office in Amsterdam on Friday morning. This giant banana peel is another protest against the company's oil drilling in the Arctic. "Shell is going bananas and the world needs to know."

"North Pole oil is a risk we can not accept. Yet Shell is rushing like a madman on oil stocks on the edge of the retreating arctic ice. With a 75% chance of an oil spill. Today campaigners are putting the spotlight on this madness", the environmental activists write on their website.

According to Het Parool, the first activist landed on the roof of the Shell Technology Center in Amsterdam's IJ with a motorized parachute just before 6:30 a.m. on Friday morning. The 15 meters long banana peel along with a banner reading "75 percent chance of disaster" was hoisted onto the roof with help from ten other climbers.

Greenpeace Netherlands is also calling on people to boycott the oil company by not refueling at their stations for 40 days.

Shell goes bananas!

UPDATE! Bij olieboringen in het Noordpoolgebied is de kans op een groot olielek 75 procent. Dat risico neem je toch niet?! Shell goes bananas! Check de actiebeelden:

Geplaatst door Greenpeace Nederland op Vrijdag 28 augustus 2015