Family wants cop prosecuted for “lying” about suicide note

On Wednesday the court in Amsterdam is considering the request made by family members of 25 year old Amsterdam woman Talitha to prosecute a police officer involved in the case surrounding her death. The family believe that the officer lied about a possible "suicide note" found in the young woman's handbag after her death.

Lawyer Sebas Diekstra has started a so-called Article 12 procedure on behalf of the family to try and force the court to prosecute the officer, the Telegraaf reports. "It's about trust in the investigation", Diekstra explained.

Early in 2014 the police officer stated that a handwritten note was found in Talitha's handbag that described the route from Heerhugowaard station to the spot where she was ran over by a train in 2013. "Even the best place where you could enter the track" and "something about a fence", the officer stated.

But when Talitha's mother eventually found the note, it only had train times on it - nothing about a route or a fence that could indicate a suicide plan. The officer then stated that it had to be another note, but that has never been found.

As the police assumed suicide when the young woman died, no trace evidence investigation had ever been done. Her family is still uncertain about the circumstances surrounding her death and want a new investigation. "If the court finds that there was no second note, then we can cross off the scenario that Talitha wanted to be in that place", Diekstra said. "If there was another note, then we must do everything to find the note."