Authorities set up new broken sex toy hotline

Vibrators (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/twicepix)Vibrators (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/twicepix)

Consumers desk ConsuWijzer has launched a hotline where consumers can report problems with products or services that they are usually too embarrassed to talk about. This ranges from products they would rather keep secret, to not daring to complain because they are ashamed of falling for a sales gimmick.

ConsuWijzer opes that this hotline, named "Dare to Report", will help them detect existing problems that are still under the radar because people do not report them. Reporting problems will help the Consumer and Market Authority deal with companies that are violating the rules.

All complaints filed at this hotline can be done anonymously, they do not have to give their contact details. This may involve complaints ranging from products with health or erotic products, to the services of dating sites, fortune tellers or glamour photographer.

For "inspiration" ConsuWijzer has compiled a list of top 10 complaints that consumers would rather keep secrets. The list includes complaints of ordering "pampering packages" which show up containing only a string and a candle, not being able to cancel subscriptions for slimming products, free holidays won that turned out not to be free and high phone bills after consulting a fortune teller.

The hotline will be active between August 20th and September 10th. Complaints can be made via this link.