Golden Pieten to climb the Bijenkorf's roofs this holiday season

Climbing Zwarte Pieten in the Bijenkorf (Picture: Twitter/@JhJosje). (Climbing Zwarte Pieten in the Bijenkorf (Picture: Twitter/@JhJosje))

The climbing Zwarte Pieten that traditionally decorate the hall of the Bijenkorf's Amsterdam branch during the holiday season, will be golden this year instead of the traditional black.

The Bijenkorf chain made this announcement on Monday, the Telegraaf reports. In addition to the Amsterdam branch, the golden Pieten will also appear in branches in The Hague, Utrecht and Amstelveen.

The Bijenkorf emphasized that the changes to Zwarte Piet's appearance is part of a new strategy. The chain has recently made large investments into seven stores in the chain and the golden Pieten are part of the new and more luxurious direction. The chain describes it as the "premium experience".

According to the chain, they are aware of the sensitivities surrounding Zwarte Piet and are following the discussion in society with "interest and respect". The store would not comment on other changes to Zwarte Piet related products or decorations. Like before, the Bijenkorf will follow the policy of the local municipalities.