Train narrowly avoided hitting truck loaded with gas cylinders

A horrible accident between a train and a truck loaded with gas cylinders was narrowly avoided on Friday. A quick thinking train driver managed to pull off an emergency stop and get the train halted before it crashed into a truck that was stuck on the rails.

"We drove away from Station Meerssen and at about 80 or 90 kilometers per hour we made an emergency stop. I did not fly out of my chair, but it was clearly not a regular stop", 29 year old Marc from Heerlen said to RTL Nieuws. He ran forward to try and see what was going on when the driver opened the door and told him that they were very lucky that they did not just hit that truck.

"The driver was busy on the phone to bring the train traffic to a stop. He asked me if I wanted to take a picture and I did." Marc told the newspaper that he was horrified when he saw the cylinders on the truck. "I thought that I had landed in a Final Destination movie, we really were very lucky."

The Veolia slow train was carrying about 40 passengers. The train was stopped for about 30 minutes before the truck was off the tracks and the journey could continue. A spokesperson for the carrier told RTL that the truck wanted to cross over the line, but could not make the turn. The rail got stuck between the cab and the body. According to the carrier, the train driver is shaken, but is doing well and drove the train to Maastricht himself.