Cops refusing to ticket speeding under 40 km/h

Speed limit cameras (Picture: Twitter/@Manno_C). (Speed limit cameras (Picture: Twitter/@Manno_C))

The National Treasury has already lost out on 66 million euros in speeding tickets not issued due to police action for a better collective bargaining agreement.

This is according to figures from police union NPB, the Telegraaf reported on Friday.

Five months ago the police unions started a protest action in which the police only write out tickets for major offenses. The minor offenses not fined include speeding violations. Many officers only fine motorists who drive more than 40 kilometer per hour over the speed limit.

"And every day that there is no agreement on a new police collective bargaining agreement, that amounts increases even further", Dick Harte of the NPB said to the Telegraaf. "We also continue with these kinds of public friendly actions, through which citizens do not have to pay the same amount and can thus spend on other, more pleasant things."

These protest actions are likely to continue for some time yet. On Thursday Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice wrote a letter to the police unions stating that there will be no further concessions.