Video: Irish people react to Dutch food taste test

Schudde Buikjes (Picture: Twitter/Schudde Buikjes). (Schudde Buikjes (Picture: Twitter/Schudde Buikjes))

Facts Channel, an Irish YouTube channel, has posted a video online of Irish people reacting to Dutch snacks. Their tasters seemed mostly confused by the Dutch food, but generally optimistic.

The general consensus seemed to be that stroopwaffels - syrup waffles - are pretty delicious. And while one taster did compare them to "really big holy communion", another said that it is "one of the nicest things you've given us".

Schoolkrjt - chalk liquorice - was received less optimistically. One guy thinks it tastes a bit like leather. Another called it an "old person sweet". His friend agreed. "People will definitely like these" she said. "But they're usually over the age of 60."

Schudde Buikjes confused the tasters right out. Mostly they wondered why you would put breakfast cereal on bread. The words "tijdeljk 10% extra" - temporarily 10 percent extra - on the box was really confusing. What is tijdelik? Why do we need 10 percent extra of it? Two other tasters seemed concerned about the fact that the character on the box only has one tooth. The third sets of tasters concluded that "this is what your dad makes you when he's divorced your mother and you're staying with him for the weekend" and that it "would be nice with milk in a bowl".

This taste test seems to indicate that Dutch snacks may be an acquired taste.