New Dutch/China train line brings 226 million cups of coffee

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The new trade route between the Rotterdam port and China opened on Thursday with the first freight train from China arriving in the Dutch port. The journey took 18 days for the train, carrying 80 containers filled with coffee.

"By very rough calculation this cargo accounts for at least 226 million cups of coffee", Pieter Forrer of the Rail Service Center Rotterdam said to NOS. According to Forrer, transport by train is more expensive than using a container ship, but much faster. A ship will take about 30 days to make the journey, compared to 18 days by train. "This opens up many new opportunities for the port."

The "New Silk Road" from China is of great importance for Rotterdam's position as a European logistics hub. According to port geographer Bart Kuipers, the fact that Rotterdam and China is now connected by rail shows that the Chinese see a market in the Netherlands. "Probably because Rotterdam is well connected with Britain." he said to the broadcaster