Search for missing elderly lady with dementia

Tjitsina (Sien) Fokkinga - missing in Havelte (Picture: Politie)Tjitsina (Sien) Fokkinga - missing in Havelte (Picture: Politie)

An 84 year old lady, who is suffering from a form of dementia, disappeared from a nursing home in Havelte on Tuesday afternoon. The police launched a search for her, but by late Wednesday she still had not been found.

Mrs. Sien Fokkinga walked out of De Molenhof nursing home in Havelte around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday. According to the police, the lady often takes walks in the wooded area between Darp, Uffelte and Wasperveen, but when she had not returned by Tuesday evening, a search was launched.

The police used several tools in the search of this lady, including a helicopter, all terrain vehicles from the Marechaussee and a blood hound. On Wednesday night they deployed horses to help in the search.

Mrs. Fokkinga is 1.65 meters tall with gray hair. She was wearing a blue t-shirt, three quarter jeans and a Norwegian vest at the time of her disappearance. She likely also had her walking stick with her. She wears a pair of titanium glasses.

The police spread her picture and details through media and social media, and this resulted in several tips. But so far none of these tips led to any concrete results.