NS travelers sometimes overcharged when switching trains

Gates at Rotterdam Central Station (Picture: Twitter/@janvkeulen)Gates at Rotterdam Central Station (Picture: Twitter/@janvkeulen)

Dozens of NS travelers pay an extra few euros every day if they have to go through the check in and check out gates to switch trains.

Travelers organization Rover discovered this mistake after checking into a traveler's complaint, NOS reports.

The Hilversum station in particular has this problem. On this station travelers who want to move from one platform to another have to go through the gates. If their final destination is Hilversum Sportpark or Hilversum Media Park, this should not cost anything extra, but NS still charges 2.20 euros.

The problem also occurs on other stations and in other circumstances. For example, if a traveler checks in at Amsterdam Muiderpoort at a discount rate before rush hour, and then have to pass through the gates during rush hour, the full amount is deducted.

Rover can't say how many people are affected by this problem, but estimates that it is around 50 people per day. Those who are affected can go to the NS customer service to claim the overpaid amount.