99th annual four-day Nijmegen walk underway

Nijmegen 4 day walking event 2015 (Picture: Twitter/@Burrito1010). (Nijmegen 4 day walking event 2015 (Picture: Twitter/@Burrito1010))

The 99th edition of the annual four-day Nijmegen walking event is underway. The first group of walkers started at 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

A massive 42,684 people from 60 different countries are participating in this year's event, RTL Nieuws reports. Tuesday's route crosses the Waal to the nearby village of Elst. The earliest starters will cover a distance of 50 kilometers, followed by a group that will walk 40 kilometers and finally the 30 kilometer group. A number of police officers and soldiers are also taking part

The weather started out rainy, but cleared up during the course of the morning.

Spectators are sitting along the route to encourage the walkers, cheering as they go past. "That really helps", one participant told NOS. He admitted to the broadcaster that he needs the encouragement, especially because he was partying last night.

Dozens of walkers have already reported to the Red Cross aid stations with blisters, NOS reports. The aid workers in Huissen were especially busy, treating 34 people with sore feet by 09:00 a.m.