Elderly man dies of heart attack in police custody

File photo showing a police arrestPicture: Wikimedia Commons/Lionel Allorge

A 72 year old man died shortly after being arrested on Tuesday night. An autopsy on his body revealed that he died of natural causes - he had a heart attack.

The Public Prosecutor confirmed this to news agency ANP on Thursday.

The police were called out to The Hague city center on Tuesday night because a man was causing a disturbance. When officers checked the man, they discovered that he was on the wanted list and arrested him. He became unwell shortly after his arrest.

The likely reason for the Prosecutor waiting to days before making this information public, is that they were waiting for the results of the autopsy. Death in custody has become a very sensitive subject in the Netherlands, and in The Hague in particular, after the death of Mitch Henriquez in June. He died of suffocation after a chokehold was used during his arrest.