Tour operator cancels all flights to Corfu amid Greek crisis

Groningen Airport Eelde (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Jcb). Groningen Airport Eelde (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Jcb)

Tour operator Hellas Travel has decided to cancel all its scheduled flights from Groningen Airport Eelde to Greece. According to the company, the economic situation in Greece has resulted in too few bookings and the weekly flight to the country is no longer feasible.

The tour operator's states that bookings have halted and there have been many cancellations due to the ambiguities and uncertainties about the status of Greece in recent months. "The sudden agreement with Greece is in any case too late and we do not expect any improvement in bookings."

Hellas Travel flew from Groningen Airport Eelde to Corfu once a week, according to RTL Nieuws. This flight will be cancelled from Friday. People who have already booked on the flight will be refunded. Alternative flights will be arranged for clients currently in Greece.