Police dog chases down drug-carrying car thief


A drug-carrying car thief was arrested in Goes on Monday after a wild car chase. The 33 year old man from Etten-Leur was eventually tracked down by a police dog.

According to the police, patrolling officers noticed a red Renault Megane Senic with different number plates on the front and rear of the car on Deltaweg around 1:00 a.m. on Monday morning. The officers tried to pull the car over, but the driver ignored their signals and sped off.

The police gave chase. The suspect committed numerous traffic violations during the chase. He drove at extremely high speeds, ignored traffic signs, drove into oncoming traffic and even drove over greenbelts.

The suspect abandoned the car on Heemkerkstraat and fled further on foot. The police closed down the whole area and deployed a dog to sniff the suspect out. The dog found him hiding in a garden shed and bit him on the left wrist to detain him.

When searching the suspect after the arrest, officer found a bag with 44 grams of speed on him. The car he drove turned out to be stolen. In the car the police found burglar tools, number plates and various presumably stolen goods. The suspect's license was confiscated and he is in custody for further investigation.


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