Survey: Dijsselbloem Eurogroup re-election likely

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There is a good chance that Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem will be elected for a second term as chairman of the Eurogroup on Monday afternoon. This is according to a survey done by the AD among the 19 members of the group, which found that Dijsselbloem will likely have the most support.

Last year Germany supported Spanish candidate Luis de Guindos to take over from Dijsselbloem, but according to the AD, Chancellor Angela Merkel now wonders whether it would be wise to replace the chairman now i the middle of the Greek crisis. Should Germany choose Dijsselbloem, he is almost guaranteed a second term. Some of the other countries - Ireland included - have indicated that they will follow Merkel's choice.

A number of the other Member States have already expressed their support for Dijsselbloem, in such a way that it seems their decision has already been made. The countries are impressed by the Dutch Finance Minister's actions during the Greek crisis. "Dijsselbloem is the best man for the job", Latvian spokesperson Berzins said to the Dutch newspaper.

The finance ministers of the 19 European Union member states will elect the Eurogroup chairman for the next two and a half years on Monday afternoon. The two candidates, Dijsselbloem and De Guindos, will briefly explain their proposals and plans as chairman. If consultations show that a clear majority has rallied behind one candidate, there will be no formal election. If there is no clear majority, a secret ballot will be held.

The meeting starts at 3:00 p.m., with he election of the chairman as one of the last items on the agenda.