Steep drop in fines for cycling without lights

The number of fines issued for cycling without lights decreased significantly in 2014 compared to 2011. Last year 44,316 of these fines were issued, compared to 73,008 in 2011, AD reports based on figures from the Central Collection agency.

The decrease in the number of fines can mainly be attributed to the police performing fewer checks. A spokesperson for the National Police told the newspaper that it is "impossible" to perform bicycle checks all year round as it is "not a priority". Earlier this year the police unions announced that officers will to public order and safety, in protest for a better collective bargaining agreement.

The Cyclists Union and Safe Traffic Netherlands think that the decrease in fines could be very dangerous and want the police to start with firm actions immediately. Last year 185 cyclists were killed in the Netherlands. "If cyclists can cycle freely without light for a long time, there is no incentive to buy good lighting", Saskia Kluit of the Cyclists Union said to the newspaper. Safe Traffic Netherlands agrees. "If the chance of getting caught is small, people are simply not inclined to adhere to the rules.