Prosecutor looking into alleged sex predator rabbi's disappearance

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The Netherlands is now allowed to extradite the so-called sex rabbi Elizer Berland to Israel, but he now seems to have disappeared. According to the Public Prosecutor, his current whereabouts are unclear.

"It is currently impossible to contact him and we are looking into whether he has disappeared", a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor said to the AD on Monday. Interpol in Israel informed the Public Prosecutor that there are rumors that Berland has left the Netherlands. He has to report to the police on Tuesday afternoon. "Then we'll know for sure whether he is missing", the spokesperson said.

Israel requested Berland's extradition because of four charges of sexual assault and of provoking assault in that country. The rabbi was arrested in September last year upon his arrival in the Netherlands, but was released shortly after on condition that the Netherlands seize his passport, and that the rabbi regularly check in with the public prosecutor

In February a court in Haarlem ruled that the Netherlands is allowed to extradite Berland to Israel. He appealed this decision at the Supreme Court.