Holland Casino CEO ousted amid credit card questions

Holland Casino in Eindhoven
The Holland Casino in Eindhoven alongside several restaurants and cafes. Aug. 29, 2016Photo: mathes / DepositPhotos

Willem-Jan van den Dijssel will be stepping down as interim CEO of Holland Casino as of August 1st, the casino announced on Wednesday. An investigation into his claims revealed that Van den Dijssel made private charges to a business credit card and repaid it late.

Van den Dijssel supports these findings and informed the casino that he will be stepping down at the end of July. According to Van den Dijssel, due to his negligence he can no longer fulfill the exemplary roll withing Holland Casino that is expected of a top executive.

Finance director Anita de Kleijn will take over his duties until the casino appoints a new CEO.

According to the casino, the successful restructuring that Holland Casino started in 2013 under the leadership of Van den Dijssel is largely completed. The casino is once again making a profit and is positive about the future. "The Supervisory Board is grateful to Mr. Van den Dijssel for his important part in the successful changes at Holland Casino", the casino writes.