Hague riot police attacked overnight

More riots in The Hague after Mitch Henriquez' death (Picture: Twitter/@dennis_dw)More riots in The Hague after Mitch Henriquez' death (Picture: Twitter/@dennis_dw)

A police unit tasked with keeping the peace in the Hague was attacked by a group of people on the street during a third straight night of rioting after an Aruban man was killed in police custody. Dozens of police officers were standing in two lines on Wednesday at the intersection of Hobbemastraat and Vaillantlaan when the rioters descended on them.

According to the Volkskrant, hundreds of rioters pelted the police officers with stones. The officers fled the scene, but managed to retake control a short time later after bringing in mobile tactical police units and plainclothes officers wielding batons.

During the night rioters smashed shop windows, destroyed a bus shelter, set several fires and damaged at least two ATM's. Theater De Vaillant was also attacked. Windows and doors were smashed in and the inside was wrecked. Much of the theater's content ended up on the street, as rioters chanted anti-Semitic slogans, the newspaper reported.

Around 21:00 p.m. hundreds of rioters descended on the police station on De Heemstraat, where Monday night's protest got out of hand. The rioters chanted "murderers, murderers" and carried pamphlets that read "Mitch Henriquez. Beaten to death by the police". The protesters were instructed to move towards Hobbemaplein, or arrests would follow.

Rest returned to the neighborhood around 04:00 a.m. on Thursday, NOS reports. A total of 16 people were arrested. The riot police performed several charges. Police on horses were deployed and a water canon was used to drive the rioters apart.

This is the third night in row that there were riots in the Hague. Sixteen people were arrested after Monday night's riots and another 11 after Tuesday night.

The reason for the unrest in The Hague is the death of Mitch Henriquez, who passed away on Sunday after being arrested on Saturday. Based on the preliminary results of the autopsy, chief prosecutor Kitty Nooy announced on Tuesday that Henriquez suffocated, most likely due to the actions of the police. The autopsy found no signs of natural causes and no signs of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption.

Five police officers are suspected of involvement in Henriquez' death. They have been suspended pending the outcome of the Rijksrecherche's investigation.



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