34 arrested in latest Hague riots

More riots in The Hague after Mitch Henriquez' death (Picture: Twitter/@dennis_dw)More riots in The Hague after Mitch Henriquez' death (Picture: Twitter/@dennis_dw)

The police arrested 34 people during the third night of rioting in Schilderswijk, The Hague on Wednesday night.

According to the police, several hundred people were involved in Wednesday night's riots. The riot police were forced to carry out a number of charges when rioters tried to storm the police station on De Heemstraat. The police were pelted with fireworks and stones, several small fires were set and various acts of vandalism were committed. Shop windows, ATM's, a theater and several police vehicles were damaged.

The police arrested a total of 34 agitators, 11 of them are underage. One suspect was arrested for throwing fuel on police officers. The officers were unharmed.

The police also confirmed that not the riot police, but regular officers and bike officers were attacked on Hobbemaplplein. They were so hard-pressed that they were forced to fire two warning shots to keep the rioters at a distance. None of the officers were injured.

The police have video footage of the riots and vandalism. They are watching all the footage for anyone guilty of a criminal offense. More arrests may follow.