More tourists expected in Netherlands this summer

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A massive 3.2 million foreign tourists are expected to visit the Netherlands this summer - 100 thousand more than last year.

This is according to NBTC Holland Marketing, NU reports. These tourists are mostly Belgians and Germans, with one third of the tourists coming from Germany and 15 percent from Belgium.

These foreign visitors are expected to spend some 2 billion euros in the Netherlands during the summer months of July and August. Most of them will be visiting the coast. "That remains one of the main attractions for people who come to the Netherlands", Therese Ariaans of NBTC said to NU.

The Dutch themselves have booked a total of nearly 10 million domestic and foreign summer holidays. 45 percent, 4.5 million, of these holidays will be spent in the Netherlands - about the same as last summer. "Most of these holidays will be spent on campsites and holiday parks", according to Ariaans. Domestic summer vacationers provides more than 900 million euros to the Dutch economy.