Deputy PM: Greece situation "extremely troublesome"

The Eurogroup did not manage to reach an agreement with Greece on the last part of the current lending program which expires at the end of this month. The Greek government has broken off the negotiations. Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher calls the situation "extremely troublesome".

The failure to meet an agreement means that from Tuesday, June 30th, Greece will no longer be able to claim support from the second aid tool of the European bailout fund.

Asscher believes that this will above all else have many consequences for the people of Greece, he said in the radio program Dit is de Dag on Saturday. He is concerned about the conditions that could already be seen on Saturday - Greeks massively withdrawing their money from banks. "All those scenarios can reasonably be recognized."

State Secretary Eric Wiebes of Finance is also concerned about the situation. "It is worrisome and unfortunate that the Greek government has broken off negotiations. The Eurogroup has done everything to help Greece in a mutually responsible way, but a deadline is a deadline and a promise is a promise."