Large power outage hits 12 thousand homes around Zeist and The Hague

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The Hague and Zeist had to deal with a massive power outage on Friday morning. Nearly 12 thousand homes were effected in the Zeist area. Power has once again been restored in Zeist, but many people in the Hague are still without electricity.

The power outage was caused by two failures in large substations, NOS reports. According to grid manager Stedin, the fault had to do with a defect in a distribution station.

Power is now systematically being restored to households in The Hague. According to Tennet, the households can't be connected to the mains simultaneously as this will overload the system and cause a new failure.

The power outage affected, among other things, traffic lights and the tram traffic in The Hague. The police sent as many police officers as possible out on the streets to keep traffic under control. A spokesperson for the police advised people stuck in elevators to call 112.