Facebook must provide info on revenge sex tape

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The court in Amsterdam ruled on Thursday that Facebook has to find out who posted the sex tape of a 21 year old woman from Werkendam on the site, NOS reports.

The sex tape featuring the woman and her ex-boyfriend appeared on the social network site in January. It was removed again on February 10th, but had been frequently downloaded and is still being shared. The ex-boyfriend, who made the film, denies putting it online. Which is why the woman filed a lawsuit against Facebook to find out who was responsible. According to her lawyer, this video has turned the woman's life into a living hell.

Facebook informed the woman that they could not give her any information, because the data has been removed from their servers. According to the company, this type of data is only stored for 90 days.

The court ruled that the perpetrator acted illegally and that Facebook is the only source of information on who the perpetrator may be. The company must therefore fulfill its legal duty and provide any information they have to the victim within two weeks. If Facebook maintains that the data is gone, an independent third party will be called in to verify.