Seven undocumented migrants found hidden in truck cargo

Refugees thank Amsterdam for its hospitality in televised ads (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)Refugees thank Amsterdam for its hospitality in televised ads (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Seven undocumented immigrants were discovered in Wijchen, Gelderland on Monday morning. A truck driver found them when he left his truck on an industrial estate, NOS reports.

The 7 men, 5 Syrians and 2 Iranians, were hiding in a truck belonging to an Irish transport company. It is believed that they hoped the truck was heading to Calais, Hoek van Holland or another North Sea port.

The stowaways were taken to a police station in Nijmegen. There they will be handed over to the immigration police.

The Koninklijke Marechaussee, Royal Military Police, recently intensified checks in Hoek van Holland, due to the increasing number of undocumented immigrants trying to reach England from there. Earlier this month 68 stowaways were discovered in Harwich. They were hiding in four trucks that arrived in England on a ferry from Hoek van Holland.


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