Schiphol travelers prepare for Customs delays next week

Madness at Schiphol airport (Picture: Twitter/@ErwinPellegrom). (Madness at Schiphol airport (Picture: Twitter/@ErwinPellegrom))

Travelers going through Schiphol next week will have to take some delays into account. Customs employees at the airport will be performing so-called accuracy actions on Monday and Tuesday, the Telegraaf reports.

These actions mean that every passenger will have to go through a check at the customs gates. Normally most people are allowed to go through without a check. This will undoubtedly lead to delays.

These actions form part of a number of actions civil servants are performing for a new collective bargaining agreement. The civil servants, who have not received a new agreement in four years, have already preformed several actions in the past weeks, but none of these actions have affected the daily lives of citizens.

The unions hope that the accuracy actions at Schiphol will put more pressure on responsible minister Stef Blok. Customs workers at the port of Rotterdam will also be performing accuracy actions in the coming weeks.