Thousands in Amsterdam want Beer Bikes off the street

Thousand of Amsterdam residents want to get rid of beer bikes. Friends of Amsterdam City have set up an online petition for this purpose. The petition, which has been signed by more than 6 thousand people, will be handed to the municipality on Wednesday, NOS reports.

"The beer bike is a source of annoyance for the residents of the city center", Friends of Amsterdam City writes on their website. People who signed the petition complain about having beer thrown on them, being spat on and people urinating in the street.

Beer bike owner Ard Karsten sees no need to ban the moving bar. Arrangements have been made with the city to reduce the inconvenience residents experience. Beer bikes now only travel on a fixed route and have a limit on how much beer they are allowed - 20 liters for 17 people. "So how many beers are we actually still talking about?" he said to the broadcaster. According to him, there has only been 24 complaints since January and the beer bikes have made more than 1,500 trips between the three companies in Amsterdam that organize trips.


Speaking on behalf of the city residents, Els Iping told NOS that the beer bikes draw tourists that are only interested in partying, not in Amsterdam. "It's a completely pointless addition. On a beer bike you are looking at each other, not at the city." she said. "We find the beer bike a terrible phenomenon. It gives nuisance and there is no place for it."