Police investigate shootings at children's gymnasium

The police are investigating several bullet holes found in a building of a children's gymnasium on Zwanebloemlaan in Arnhem.

The first holes were discovered on June 1st. The police assume that they were made between Friday, May 29th and Monday, June 1st. The initial investigation has not yielded any concrete leads that could lead the police to the perpetrator.

Another hole was found on Friday, June 5th. Once again the police determined that the hole was made by a bullet, but no leads to the perpetrator.

Giving the time that the building was shot at - outside the gymnasium's opening hours - the police assume that the strikes are not aimed at the kids or the gymnasium's staff. The police suspect that someone wanted to test a firearm on an object.

Security cameras have been placed around the building as the municipality and police believe that there is a risk of recurrence. The gymnasium has been housed in a different location.

The police are calling on any witnesses with information that could lead to the identification and arrest of the perpetrator to come forward.