Police labor actions cost society €6.5 million so far

Police action in The Hague (Picture: Twitter/@wa_StWillebrord). (Police action in The Hague (Picture: Twitter/@wa_StWillebrord))

Collective labor actions undertaken by Netherlands police officers has cost Dutch society 6.5 million euros so far, according to calculations from the Dutch Police Union (NPB). In estimating the loss, the union relied on figures provided by the Ministry of Security and Justice.

The negotiation over a new collective bargaining agreement is too drawn out, the unions say, and police officers are angry at the seemingly stalled talks.

The total damage to the budget is likely even higher, but difficult to measure accurately. Since March 9, many police officers are only issuing fines for gross violations of public order and safety, and letting others walk with a warning. It is not clear how many fines were not recorded for collection by officers because of the labor action.

As a part of the ongoing protest, the police have also temporarily cut their non-emergency lines, shut down police stations and stalled highway traffic.