Benefit agency pays for hypnosis, psychic coursework

Fortune telling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Flávio Britto Calil)Fortune telling (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Flávio Britto Calil)

The Dutch unemployment insurance agency UWV has been reimbursing training to be a clairvoyant for several years. Dozens of unemployed people have been retrained to be a spiritual phone consultant or hypnotists.

This is according to research done by Reporter Radio, AD reports.

Since 2008, dozens of unemployed people that are 50 years and older have attended courses at the Foundation Paradidakt in Zoetemeer. Here they are taught how to predict the future with the intricacies of tarot cards and crystal balls. Students also attend reincarnation sessions. "You learn to work professionally with the reading of pictures and objects and you develop your psychic ability", according to Paradidakt's website.

The courses cost about 1 thousand euros, which is fully reimbursed by the UWV. The foundation provides a job guarantee - those who finish and pass the course can work at a call line earning 29 cents per minute. On the call line psychics predict callers' futures and give advice on relationship- and financial problems.

The UWV feels that there is nothing wrong with these courses. "If a job guarantee is attached to the training, it has labor market relevance", a spokesperson said. Pardidakt is registered as a recognized training institute, for which compensation is possible.