Kurdish in Netherlands celebrate Turkey election results

The Turkish left-wing pro-Kurdish party HDP (Picture: Twitter/@hdpint). (The Turkish left-wing pro-Kurdish party HDP (Picture: Twitter/@hdpint))

The left-wing pro-Kurdish party won 13 percent of the votes in the Turkish parliamentary elections, leading to much joy and celebrations among Kurds, including in the Netherlands. TH party reached the 10 percent election threshold and will therefore be allowed in parliament.

"The HDP participated for the first time. And then this result, that is very special, Besime Ogretmen of the Federation Kurds Netherlands told NOS. "Last night (Saturday, ed) there was a party in different places. And tonight (Sunday,ed) again in The Hague."

There has been tensions between the Kurdish people and Turkey for decades. The Kurds want more autonomy, but Turkey refuses to give it. Ogretmen hopes that with the HDP in parliament, the position of the Kurds will improve. "They can there insist on accelerating the peace process. That is ongoing, but under the current government there has been little progress."