Visual artist Kurt Löb dead at 89

Kurt Lob in 1967 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Hans Steinmeier / Anefo)Kurt Lob in 1967 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Hans Steinmeier / Anefo)

Visual artist Kurt Löb passed away at the age of 89 in his hometown of Amsterdam on Monday after being ill for some time.

His eldest daughter made this announcement on Tuesday, Het Parool reports.

The Jewish Löb was born in Berlin and fled to Amsterdam with his family in 1939. He attended the Rijksacademie for Visual Arts. He worked as a professor at the Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst in Salzburg for several years. In 1994 he received his doctorate in literature at the University of Amsterdam.

In addition to being an artist, Löb also illustrated a number of books.

Löb was a Kinght in the Order of Oranje Nassau.