Crowdfunded monthly salary a success in Groningen

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A Groningen foundation has collected 12 thousand euros through crowdfunding for an experiment to see what would happen if you give a person a basic income for one year. The first lucky person to receive this basic income is Frans Kerver from Feerwerd.

The foundation behind this experiment is called MIES - “Maatschappij voor Innovatie van Economie en Samenleving”, or Society for Innovation of Economy and Society in English.

Germany has been running such a basic income experiment for some time and has already handed out 11 basic incomes, according to the Groningen experiment's site Ons Basisinkomen.

In an episode of Cunera last month, Kerver said he was exited for the experiment to begin, RTV Noord reports. He said he expects to be freer and happier once he doesn't have to worry about his fixed expenses. This would give him more room for creative activities.

According Ons Basisinkomoen, there are many people who have serious doubts about a basic income. Many people think that a basic income would make people lazy.