Amsterdam festival drops "racist" theme

Valifest festival (Picture: Twitter/@Valtifest). (Valifest festival (Picture: Twitter/@Valtifest))

The Amsterdam festival Valtifest has decided to change this year's theme after critics called it racist. 

The original description for the theme was "Hottentottententententoonstelling", or Hottentot Tent Exhibition, but has now been changed to "Wie je ook tent!", or Whoever you are, Spits Nieuws reports.

During the time of the VOC, the South African Khoikhoi people were described as a Hottentot in the Netherlands. The term was later used as a derogatory term to call someone stupid or uncultured.

The organization on the festival now says that all references to Hottentot has been removed from the event, and the event will continue as planned.