Most voters want Health Sec.'s resignation

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More than half of Dutch voters think that State Secretary Martin van Rijn of Public Health should resign because of the chaos surrounding the personal payments. This is according to the latest poll by Maurice de Hond. 

According to the poll, 54 percent of all voters think that Van Rijn should resign. This feeling is strongest among people voting for the SP and PVV, with 82 percent and 76 percent respectively voting for his resignation. But even 56 percent of people voting for the PvdA, Van Rijn's own party, think that a resignation is in order.

The Social Insurance Bank took over the responsibility of paying personal budget claims in January. But administrative chaos at the bank has led to budget holders claims being paid late, or not at all or being paid too much. In a recent letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, Van Rijn himself admitted that the introduction of the new system has "not gone well". By February there were 24 thousand claims waiting to be paid.

The Dutch population is also not at all positive about the problems surrounding the personal budgets being solved. Only 9 percent of voters think that the problems have now finally been solved. A massive 82 percent think that the problems will continue.